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Saturday Sarge (SS) is the world’s biggest FREE open doors daygame and nightgame event run every single Saturday of the year in central London.

Please have a look at the rules at the end of this page before attending.

The Short Version – Meet Up Points:

  • 1pm – Covent Garden, outside Marks & Spencer.
  • 3pm – Oxford Circus, outside Topshop
  • 5pm – Leicester Square, inside/outside Pret a Manger
  • 8pm – Chinatown, outside ‘O Neills bar

Full Version

Part 1 : Daygame

On days when a talk is scheduled, the talk will be held at a space on along Conduit Court. If you are more than 15 mins late for the 1pm meet up point then head straight to Conduit Court which is a tiny alleyway going off Longacre lane right outside the Jack Wolfskin and Next store. If you still can’t find this then google 17 Longacre lane W2 and you will be in the right area roughly.

For 1pm talks we wait outside the 1pm meet-up point. For 6pm talks we wait outside Pret a Manger.

1pm: Meet outside Marks and Spencer Covent Garden (opposite tube station). If you are a newbie please introduce yourself to others around you and ask to join a more experienced bunch of guys or ask for an approach coach.

3pm: Meet outside Topshop, on Oxford Street, just outside Oxford Circus tube station. We will re-group here and head out again.

5pm: Regroup at Pret a Manger, at the corner of Long Acre and St Martin’s Lane, next to Leicester Square tube station.

This is the most important meet up point if you are new and want to get a feel for what we do, put your hand out, introduce yourselves to everyone, network and make wings for the rest of the week. It is your responsibility to get the most out of this and to welcome new guys and encourage each other.

Note : If you stand outside then stand on the corner of the Pret not in the door way!!!


Part 2 Nightgame/Night Streetgame

8pm: Meet outside ‘O Neills in Chinatown. We will form separate groups and head to a mixture of places. PI, Tiger Tiger, ‘O Neills, Camden/Shoreditch or any other recommendations depending on the who turns up on the night. Some guys streetgame between clubs after they get a free club stamp.


View the Saturday Sarge Bermuda triangle on a larger map.

What is the Saturday Sarge Good for?

  • Overcoming the fear of approaching girls.
  • Finding new wings/Making new friends.
  • Continuous change and mentoring to increase your self confidence.
  • Honing your daygame and/or nightgame coaching skills.
  • Having huge amounts of fun!


  • If you are late wait for the next meet-up time. Meetup times are only two hours apart. We can’t wait around for people who are late.
  • No putting your wing down when talking to girls, being socially uncalibrated, or other crazy behaviour (harassment/hassling etc). We will catch this out if it happens. The good news is that the vast majority of guys who turn up are cool, so it doesn’t even need mentioning.
  • There might be many more attendees than approach coaches available, so we can’t always pair you up with a coach.
  • You should have a positive mental attitude and approach when asked to approach by your coach. If they think you are ready to approach then you must follow their instructions. Likewise if they ask you to not make any approaches until instructed then do not approach.
  • Clubs and bars can be chaotic and frustrating if you’re new to them and don’t have the basics down. So have realistic expectations on what is possible. Don’t believe the hype and marketing by commercial cold approach pua companies.
  • Don’t look like you’ve not washed and just thrown on the first shirt that you’ve found on your floor. Look as good as you can. If you don’t know what that means then ask the guys for fashion and grooming advice. What you wear says so much about you that girls will pick up on this before you even talk to them.
  • If you are young please bring ID (over 18) as it will help you get into clubs and bars for nightgame.
  • We are proud to be an open source and outdoors event which anyone can attend or see and we hold our talks outdoors. We occasionally attract some press who may be interested in speaking to you, and when a journalist joins us we make it known to attendees that turn up on the day. By appearing on Saturday Sarge you acknowledge that your photo, video or audio may appear in the public domain.

Can You Coach?

If you’re good at daygame and/or nightgame, please come down and pass on your knowledge. The more skilled coaches we have, the better. The more you give out, the more you get.

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